Oak Leaves offer a comprehensive selection of memorials, urns and caskets for your pet.
We fully appreciate how important it is for pet owners to commemorate the passing of their friend. This raises the sometimes-difficult question of how to deal with your pet’s ashes.

Many owners like to scatter ashes somewhere shared by them and their pet, a garden or perhaps along a favourite walk. Oak Leaves can return your pet’s ashes in a suitable container.

Another very popular option is the interment of your pet’s ashes, most often in your garden or a favourite plot. Ashes can be returned in a biodegradable container, or in a range of urns, pet coffins and caskets. We also offer a complete engraving service for nameplates and memorials.

Some owners wish for a lasting tribute to their companion, this might be in the form of an engraved, indoor display urn or casket. Oak Leaves are happy to give you advice on what you may find most suitable.

For outdoors, we have an extensive range of weather-resistant memorials, including commemorative plaques, headstones and markers, all designed to blend into your garden or plot.

A full engraving service is provided.